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At the 2018 Annual Conference in Toronto, trainees had a social gathering and a meeting to initiate the Young Scientist Network (YSN).  Both were very successful and attracted a large number of trainees from across Canada.

The goal for the YSN of CSPS is to build a strong community of pharmaceutical scientists that are connected on-line through our newsletter, twitter and webinars and in person through workshops and the annual meeting.  YSN is working to ensure representation from the 10 pharmacy schools across Canada.  Each Pharmacy School will take a turn producing a monthly newsletter.

We hope that this network will bring together trainees pursuing pharmaceutical science across Canada and provide a platform where we can share success and learn from each other. Using this newsletter and our Twitter account (@CSPS_YSN) we want to share recent publications and exciting results as well as educate people about the research and projects that are taking place in the different universities.

YSN Newsletter #1 by University of Toronto – June 2018

YSN Newsletter #2 by University of Waterloo – July 2018

YSN Newsletter #3 by University of Saskatchewan – August 2018

YSN Newsletter #4 by University of Alberta – September 2018