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“Any member who is deemed to have made a meritorious contribution to the advancement of science may be elected a Fellow of the Society by the Board of Directors and is privileged to use letter ‘F.C.S.P.S.’ after his/her name.”   Membership in CSPS is a requirement in order to maintain the Fellow designation.

CSPS has a strong commitment to the recognition of selected candidates through their designation as FELLOW.  The primary criterion for election to FELLOW status is professional excellence in the fields relevant to the mission of CSPS as well as a record of commitment and service to CSPS.  Election to FELLOW status thus will be based on the individual’s documented sustained level of superior and distinguished professional achievement and contributions in a relevant field of Pharmaceutical Sciences will be considered.  Members from the Government, Academia, Industry and Community are considered.

The Nomination Process.  The nomination process starts with a CSPS member (the Nominator) who wishes to nominate an individual (the Nominee) for consideration for Fellow status.  The nominator will submit a complete package (Form, Assessment, CV, and Letters of Recommendation) to the CSPS Awards Committee.  The Awards Committee will review and recommend up to five successful candidates to the CSPS Board of Directors for final approval.  Nominators will be notified of the outcome of the selection process (whether successful or not).  The successful Fellow nominee will receive complimentary registration to attend the 2022 Annual Symposium and be presented with a distinctive certificate and lapel pin.

Download PDF for CSPS Fellow Nominations Information

Deadline for Nominations:  April 30, 2022