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Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Award Recipients

Previous Recipients

CSPS Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Award

2021 – no award given

Yannick Traore, University of Waterloo
Combination delivery of siRNA-encapsulated solid lipid nanoparticles and hydroxychloroquine from an intravaginal ring as prevention for HIV


Gattefosse Canada / CSPS Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Award



Shannon Callender, University of Waterloo
A Novel Microemulsion Formulation Comprised of Polysorbate 80, Cremophor RH 40 and Miglyol 812
Exhibits Simultaneous Solubilization of Multiple Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Active
Pharmaceutical Ingredients for Multi-drug Delivery

Mays Al-Dulaymi, University of Saskatchewan
Peptide-modified Gemini Surfactant-based Gene Delivery Systems: in vitro and in vivo Evaluation, Physicochemical Characterization and Biodistribution

Rui Xue (Vicki) Zhang, University of Toronto
Polymer-Lipid Based Nanomedicine of Synergistic Drug Combination for Improving Chemotherapy of Multidrug Resistant Breast Cancer

Miral Fumakia, University of Manitoba
Nanoparticles Encapsulated with Serpin A1 and LL37 Promote Wound Healing in vitro and Possess Antibacterial Properties

Yannan Nancy Dou, University of Toronto
Heat-activated Thermosensitive Liposomal Cisplatin (HTLC) Results in Effective Growth Delay of Cervical Carcinoma in Mice

Mostafa Shahin, University of Alberta
Engineered Breast Tumor Targeting Peptide Ligand Modified Liposomal Doxorubicin and the Effect of Peptide Density on Anticancer Activity, published in: Journal of Biomaterials

Ellen Wasan, University of British Columbia
A Novel Tropically Stable Oral Amphotericin B Formulation (iCo-010) Exhibits Efficacy against Visceral Leishmaniasis in a Murine Model, published in: PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

Jagbir Singh, University of Saskatchewan
Evaluation of Cellular Uptake and Intracellular Trafficking as Determining Factors of Gene Expression for Amino Acid-substituted Gemini Surfactant-based DNA Nanoparticles, published in Journal of Nanobiotechnology (2012) 10:7

Nicolas Bertrand, Universite de Montreal
Transmembrane pH-Gradient Liposomes To Treat Cardiovascular Drug Intoxication, published online November 10, 2010 in ACSNano

Aws Alshamsan, University of Alberta
The Induction of tumor apoptosis in B16 Melanoma Following STAT3 siRNA Delivery With a Lipid-Substituted Polyethylenimine, published in: Biomaterials 31 (2010) 1420–1428

Loan Huynh, University of Toronto
Enhancement of Docetaxel Solubility via Conjugation of Formulation-Compatible Moieties, published in: Org. Biomol. Chem. 2009, 7, 3437–3446

Marie-Christine Jones, Universite de Montreal
Reverse Polymeric Micelles for Pharmaceutical Applications, published in: Journal of Controlled Release 132 (2008) 208-215

Kaley D. Wilson, University of British Columbia
Effects of Intravenous & Subcutaneous Administration on the Pharmacokinetics, Biodistribution, Cellular Uptake and Immunostimulatory Activity of CpG ODN Encapsulated in Liposomal Nanoparticles, published in: International Immunopharmacology 7 (2007) 1064-1075

Ildiko Badea, University of Saskatchewan
In vivo Cutaneous Interferon-gamma Gene Delivery using Novel Dicationic (gemini) Surfactant-plasmid Complexes, published in: Journal of Gene Medicine (2005; 7:1200-1214)

Justin Grant, University of Toronto
Biological and Mechanical Evaluation of a Polymer-lipid Blend for Drug Delivery

Kishor Wasan, University of British Columbia
Peceolò Increases the Gastrointestinal Absorption of Amphotericin b (ampb) by Increasing ampb Transport Through the Mesenteric Lymph Duct and Decreasing Cellular Multidrug Resistance 1 (mdr1) mrna and p-glyco-protein protein (pgp) Expression

Verica Risovic, University of British Columbia
Effect of Various Lipid-based Oral Formulations on Plasma and Tissue Concentrations and Renal Toxicity of Amphotericin B within Male Rats