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Gattefossé Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Award

 Gattefossé Award in Lipid-Based Drug Delivery



Lipid-Based Drug Delivery (LBDD) is a multi-disciplinary approach to improving drug delivery which focuses on the function of lipid systems (fatty acids, fatty acid esters, and or their assemblies) and their role in enhancing drug solubilisation, release profile (immediate or sustained), hence improved bioavailability. The science applies to a wide range of dosage forms in oral, topical, and other routes of administration.

Objective: To recognize outstanding research in pharmaceutical sciences by a graduate student for his/her work demonstrating progress in the field of LBDD, described above.

Award: Certificate and complimentary registration to the candidate to attend the 2022 CSPS/CC-CRS Annual Symposium.  In addition, candidate will receive a monetary award of $2,000 CDN

Submissions: Please send directly to Liz MacMaster at and include the following documents:

  • Completed nomination form (download here)
  • A summary of the research (not more than two pages) with links to publications, if any
  • One reference letter (not more than one page)
  • Applicant’s current curriculum vitae (not more than two pages)

Decisions will be made by a committee comprised of researchers with expertise in the area of lipid chemistry/drug delivery.

Application deadline:  April 30, 2022

Note: Only one submission per institution may be eligible.