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Canadian Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation Established


Canadian Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation Established

The Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada and the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences are delighted to confirm that the Canadian Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation (CPSF) is now a registered charity in Canada.

The CPSF comes at a pivotal time for the pharmaceutical sciences sector in Canada as the current investment in the next generation of pharmaceutical researchers has declined to a critical level.

Pharmaceutical scientists in Canada have a rich history of significant discovery, saving the lives of thousands of Canadians, improving the quality of life for thousands of others, saving billions in healthcare intervention, and otherwise contributing to Canada’s social and economic growth.

The CPSF is dedicated to initiatives that promote the discovery, development, regulation, and manufacture of drugs, biologics, and natural health products, by attracting and providing resources used to advance research, education, and training. It seeks to train and empower pharmaceutical scientists in a manner that positively impacts the pharmaceutical sciences and creates solutions addressing vital needs found in the treatment of disease and the promotion and preservation of health.

The Foundation will provide financial support to graduate students in the pharmaceutical sciences, support early career pharmaceutical sciences researchers, aid in the development of professional training and continuing education, and support the advancement of public education of the pharmaceutical sciences in Canada. Much of the support of the Foundation will be directly through Canada’s universities where the adjudication and autonomy of significant, independent research and the public good are enshrined.

The Foundation’s immediate objective is to see a minimum of $1 million invested in pharmaceutical research annually, through ongoing support and by way of endowment.


Fakhreddin Jamali, Ph.D.
Professor, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta
Founder and Board Member, Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences • 780-492-2807

Frank Abbott, Ph.D., FCSPS
Professor and Dean Emeritus
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBC
Board Chair, Canadian Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation • 604-928-7874

Kishor M. Wasan R.Ph., Ph.D., FAAPS, FCSPS, FCAHS  
Professor and Dean, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan,
President Elect, AFPC
Secretary, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences• 306-966-6328
(Incoming Dean at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto)

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