Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
Société canadienne des sciences pharmaceutiques


Reimbursement Policy

CSPS is a not-for-profit organization. As with other scientific societies, the policy is that all speakers, conference and session chairs or co-chairs (hereafter stated as chairs), and Board members of the Society are encouraged to seek assistance from their organization to cover their travel, meals, hotel accommodation and registration**.

Any request for exemptions must be submitted in writing to the Treasurer prior to the meeting. In some instances, the Treasurer may ask the President for approval. The reimbursement policy for the CSPS annual symposium registration and travel is outlined in this table.

Scientific / Conference Chair(s)yesyesNAnoNA
Session Chair(s)nonoNAnoNA
Session organizers (1/session)yesnoNAnoNA
Volunteers (local, desk, time keepers, etc.)nonoyesnoyes
Board of Directors**50% offnoNAnoNA
Board of Director
(student member)
50% offyesNAnoNA
Exec. DirectorNAyesNAyesyes

NA – not applicable as these are either covered by registration or position.

* Reimbursement will not be considered for those living in the immediate vicinity of the symposium. A reimbursement award will only be given to offset costs for accommodation, meals and/or travel to the symposium. Reimbursement will be up to $1,000 (for travel within North America) or up to $1,500 (for travel from outside North America). These funds are in Canadian dollars and receipts will be required. The maximum amount awarded may in some cases not cover all expenses.

Session Chairs

Session chairs will only be eligible for travel reimbursement if they are also a speaker.


In exceptional circumstances, the maximal reimbursement may be increased with pre-approval from the Treasurer.

**Members of the CSPS Board of Directors

In some circumstances, at the discretion of the Treasurer and in consultation with the President, a board member may be eligible for reimbursement limited to that above.