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News: March 2018

Dr. Richard Weinshilboum of Mayo Clinic Presents Final Conference Plenary

Richard Weinshilboum, M.D., of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, will present the final plenary at the CSPS Conference ending May 25, speaking on Pharmacogenomics: Clinical Implementation and Future Challenges.  His presentation will provide selected examples of pharmacogenomic discovery, translation and clinical implementation.  A full session on Pharmacogenomic Implementation follows.

Dr. Weinshilboum holds Professorships in Cancer Genomics Research and Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics at the Mayo Clinic. He is director of the clinic’s Pharmacogenomics Program and co-Principle Investigator of their NIH Pharmacogenomics Research Network center.

Dr. David Juurlink to present Plenary on Opioids at 2018 Conference

Dr. David Juurlink will present a plenary lecture on: The North American Opioid Crisis From 30,000 Feet. He will review the genesis and recent evolution of the opioid crisis, discuss its current scope, and review ways in which the crisis might be mitigated. A full session on the Opioid Crisis will follow.

Dr. Juurlink is head of the Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology division at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. He is also a medical toxicologist at the Ontario Poison Centre at the Hospital for Sick Children and a scientist at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences.

Dr. Tak Mak Announced as 2018 Conference Keynote

Dr. Tak Mak is a Senior Scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto.  He is a Canadian medical researcher, geneticist, oncologist, and biochemist. He first became widely known for his discovery of the T-cell receptor in 1983 and pioneering work in the genetics of immunology.  In 1995, Mak published a landmark paper on the discovery of the function of the immune checkpoint protein CTLA-4, thus opening the path for immunotherapy/checkpoint inhibitors as a means of cancer treatment.  Mak is also the founder of Agios Pharmaceuticals, whose lead compound, IDHIFA®, was approved by the FDA for Acute myeloid leukemia in August 2017, becoming the first drug specifically targeting cancer metabolism to be used for cancer treatment.  He has worked in a variety of areas including biochemistry, immunology, and cancer genetics.

At his keynote address during the 2018 Conference in Toronto, Ontario, this May, he will offer his insight on T-Cell mediated Immune Therapies (See video: Dr. Mak discusses presentation).